Omotoyosi Ogedengbe

Advocating for Compassion in Healthcare

Omotoyosi Ogedengbe is a nursing student. She helps people resolve compassion fatigue and practice empathy and self-care to ultimately provide better care to others. She created this website to help you bring more of your recharged self to any care setting. By shining the spotlight on compassion fatigue in and out of care settings and providing concrete solutions for boosting overall well-being, Omotoyosi Ogedengbe aims to help people become more compassionate in their daily lives. 


None of the information on this site is designed to substitute education or medical advice, and you should consult a physician if you have questions or concerns about your health. 

Combating Compassion Fatigue

Learn how to combat compassion fatigue, and restore your energy using a combination of careful planning, self-awareness and mindfulness. Get to know your needs and capacity and care better for yourself and others. 

Care Techniques (Non-medical)

Get quick and easy inspiration about how to care for a family member or loved ones. Sometimes when we’re busy, the little things get overlooked and the fix is simple.

Care Planning

Caring for yourself and others takes long-term planning. Learn how to set aside time and build a comprehensive (non-medical) care plan for yourself or a loved one. 

Omotoyosi Ogedengbe

"It's always possible to make the time to care for yourself and your loved ones."

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“Take care of your loved ones. It can be as simple as putting a picture in their room to remind them of the happy memories.” 

Omotoyosi Ogedengbe

Omotoyosi Ogedengbe in the Media

Omotoyosi Ogedengbe has been featured in the media for her experience in elderly care and combating compassion fatigue. She has shared her tips in international news platforms and with care advocates worldwide. Get all of Omotoyosi’s latest media features by clicking the button below. 

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