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8 Tips That Will Land You Writing Jobs As A Writer

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If you are a writer that is currently reading this post, chances are you looking for gigs and jobs that involve writing. This lockdown has changed the way business transactions are done and there is a whole lot of fears in the minds of government functionaries, leaders, business executives and freelancers, especially writers.

In this article, you will find ways to get employed or even get writing jobs to keep yourself during your stay at home. I know it is very difficult for a lot of people that do business online, but you do not have to go through that when you are done reading this post. So let’s begin.


A whole lot of people neglect this platform without realising the opportunities that abound here. On this platform, you have the opportunity to network with a whole lot of professionals who may need your services. This platform also gives you the leverage to apply to jobs directly when companies that need the services of a writer put up vacancies.

Another way to fully utilize this platform is by posting about what you do, if you are a copywriter, for example, you will need to start by introducing to your audience why they need a copywriter. Note that you don’t have to tell them to hire you, your job here is to break down a lot of misconceptions on the subject matter. Take them through what a sales copy is, what a lead magnet is, what a squeeze page is.  Start by helping them move from one end of the customer journey to the other.

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Google Alerts

Google alerts have proven to be a good source of information when it comes to getting a job or gigs as a writer. I assume you already have a Gmail account, then this process is quite simple. Just google it and set the type of job alerts that you need, you can also edit them to your preference whenever you want. Whenever companies are looking for writers, you will get a mail with the job descriptions, link to apply and that is it.


Although Twitter has a lot of bashing especially when it comes to government policies and celebrities, a lot of opportunities exist here and not many writers have a clue. Some brands that need the services of writers might decide not to post vacancies on job platforms, they use Twitter most times. The onus is now on you to carefully select the kind of people you follow on this platform.


Now that you have your pen handy and your creative muse, what will you do with them?

These are questions begging for answers.

Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu

I use myself as an example, the majority of people that I follow are industry leaders, technocrats, writers, editors and people who conduct their business in the online space. By doing this, I have opened myself up for opportunities that come anytime there is an opening.

Show Up

By constantly showcasing your skills on every platform to your friends, remember that you are making an impression. These your friends will be quick to alert you on any writing jobs.  A few days back, a female friend of mine sent me a link to a writing fellowship, I immediately clicked on it to check out what the requirements are. If I had been scared to showcase what I do, I would have missed out on this opportunity and tons of others.

Network With Other Writers

Ideally, writers are supposed to have each other’s back. Remember that you are not on this journey alone. When you have a good working relationship with your mates in this profession, you open up yourself to a lot of writing opportunities. Take for instance, when a writer gets up to three gigs and the delivery is almost the same time, he cannot possibly do that alone. He would need capable hands to do one of the jobs so he can meet the deadline of his clients. Now put yourself in the position of a friend to such a writer, he could reach out to you to get the job done while you receive your own share of the money.

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Word Of Mouth

This one does not cost much, as a writer you will probably need people that can vouch for your writing prowess. This goes back to your ability to sell yourself with your writing skills. When you deliver a job for a client that is well pleased, he will go about telling people what you did with the job he gave to you without you begging him.


This is not only important in copywriting, but it is also necessary for content writing. As a matter of fact, you should strive to get reviews and testimonials from clients once you get the job delivered. It is equally important too in business. Remember, people need proof to test your skills, especially if the reviews come from people who they admire, their friend, top shots of conglomerates.

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Freelance Platform

This is the surest and maybe one of the most difficult to get writing gigs for writers, especially those just starting out in this field. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Digitdot e.t.c. are reliable for giving writers an avenue to earn and promote their skill. A quick study of how those platform works will help you navigate the journey.

Note: If you need help as regards freelance platforms, do not hesitate to reach me.

In conclusion as leaders of the world come together to battle this deadly coronavirus that is currently ravaging the world and threatening the economies of many nations, you can take advantage of the opportunities that come in form of a job and gigs.

I have a question to ask you as regards this, when the world finally rise beyond this period to the Post-COVID 19 era, what will happen to your pen? Will it bleed and tell tales of how good you have advanced your career or will it be there in your hand dormant?

The ball is in your court, let the conversations continue. You can also click here if you want to make your lockdown profitable

What do you think of this article after reading it? Please like, share and comment, I would like to continue the conversations with you in the comment box.

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