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Apps You Need To Have As A Content Creator

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As a content creator, your work will be a lot easier if you are familiar with some apps that will lessen the burden on you and help you deliver quality works to your clients and audience.

*WritersPlus *Grammarly

*Google Drive * Pixlr.

*DropBox *Diary *Journal It

*One Note *Canva

Top sites that will expose your profile

Most people who call themselves content creators have no working knowledge of sites that exposes their works to people online.

As a content creator, your goal should be to distribute your content to many platforms as possible. When you do this, you leave a lasting impression in their hearts, such that when they come across your contents again, they are forced to take a break and go through them.

The first task I have for you is to ask yourself when people search for my name online, what do they see? What will the search results be?

Am I Googlable?

If nothing comes up, except your Facebook post with pictures then you are still on a long thing. However, with this information that you have now, you should start by auditing your presence online.

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Open your browser now and google it. It’s a must for everyone who is serious about what they do online. With about.me you can create your profile and summarize what you do adding links to your website and social media handles. It is free to open and you can even go-ahead to share the link with your friends and families.


Medium is an international platform for writers, content creators, and those who have thought to share with the world. Medium exposes your content to thousands and millions of readers across the world. The platform also offers you the opportunity to link your websites and social media handles to it.

On medium, you can view the statistics of those who have read your content. The most important content creators you’ve heard of, the best writers writing for newspapers and magazines are on these platforms. It gives you the opportunity to build your audience and also drive traffic to your blogs and websites.


LinkedIn is the most professional platform that offers the opportunity to get hired, recognized, and rewarded. This is so because almost everyone that matters make use of this platform. It is also an avenue to network and expands your reach. But how can you as a content creator take advantage of this?

Post your works frequently in order to gain the attention of potential employers and readers on the platform. This is a platform that a lot of content creators do not take full advantage of bit now that you know what you can do with it. Please go clean up your profile and start posting your works there.

Get your own website or blog

While working with the above platforms serves as the real deal, but my role model John Obidi will always say                     “Do not build your house on a rented platform.”

The idea is to never rely too much on social media platforms that you can get banned or suspended by the owners of those platforms whenever they feel you have gone against their rules and regulations.

When you have your own personal website, you are in charge of your own destiny. It means no one can take down your account and you can easily build an email list and connect with your audience better. You will also have a number of loyal readers that you can turn into paying customers. Post those stories, content, poems on your websites, and direct traffic to it through organic and paid advertisements.

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