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BBNaija Is Demonic – Mummy G.O 

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Mummy G.O


Funmilayo Adebayo, a popular clergywoman fondly referred to as Mummy GO has described viewers of Big Brother Naija as “bast*rds”.  The controversial clergywoman made the above known in a video that recently re-surfaced online as a new season of the much-loved reality TV show, Big Brother Naija gains steam. 

Over the past few years, many have referred to the reality TV show as immoral and accused it of corrupting the nation’s youth. 

In a viral video that recently surfaced on social media, Mummy GO slams fans of the show which she referred to as “anti-God”. 

According to the clergywoman, any “child of God” who watches the “demonic program” is a “b*stard”. 

‘This is the logo of Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija). For a child of God to be watching this demonic programme, you’re nothing but a b*stard,” she said.

“And you’re not only the b*stard, your pastor is also a b*stard… because this logo represents the eyes of Orion, which one of the archangels that fell fighting God…anti-God.”

Mummy GO rose to prominence in Nigeria earlier this year with her brand of gospel making waves on social media. The 55-year-old is the founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God.

The clergywoman has claimed that a lot of her videos making waves on social media are fake. According to Adebayo, many of the videos have been doctored by her “enemies”. 

“I’ve seen those videos but I didn’t feel bad because none of those posting these things are my enemies. 90 percent of them are just catching fun on social media and jumping on trends. They don’t know me,” she said.

“Many don’t know the scandalous reasons why it started. In Nigeria, stress is too much for the youth. People need what will make them laugh. Some didn’t even know I exist. I didn’t say those things. Most of the videos are edited.

Host of BBnaija Show, Ebuka

“Even Lucifer won’t say those things if he were to become pastor not to talk of a preacher. Those doing it started eight years ago. They first used magazines but started sending armed people to pursue me when it didn’t work.”

Adebayo is not the only religious figure to have berated the reality TV show in recent times. 

Will Jesus Watch BBNaija?

Pastor Sarah Omakwu

Last year, Pastor Sarah Omakwu, an Abuja-based clergywoman slammed her congregation and Nigerian Christians in general for indulging and watching the popular reality TV show in their homes. 

Omakwu made her disapproval known in a video that went viral on social media wherein she asked Christians several questions including, “Will Jesus watch Big Brother Naija?”

The religious leader who referred to herself as a “mother in the land” stated that she was speaking out against the show as she has a “responsibility towards this generation”. 

In the video shared on social media, she further questions Christian fans of the show asking if they would be comfortable leaving their kids alone to watch the 18+ rated show. 

”It has been brought to my attention that some of our members in Family Worship Center and Christians in general are watching the Big Brother Nigeria programme. 

“As a mother in the land and as a pastor by calling, I have a responsibility towards this generation, I feel a need to guide you in the path of righteousness. As a Christian, you are to pattern your life after Jesus Christ. 

“So let me start by asking you a few questions. Will Jesus watch Big Brother Nigeria? Is the Holy Spirit happy to sit with you and watch the programme? “Has he cautioned you a few times and decided to leave you? 

“Can you sincerely say you would happy to let your young children watch Big Brother Nigeria? We are God’s little children and he has enjoined us to receive his kingdom as little children.” she said 

BBNaija Lockdown Housemates, Laycon and Nengi during one of the party

Criticizing the show further, she stated that it is not adding any positive attribute to the lives of its viewers, before concluding that “Sodom and Gomorrah is upon us”. 

BBNaija Leads To Masturb*tion – Clergyman

Pastor Gospel Agochukwu

Similarly, Gospel Agochukwu, the general overseer of Shekina Area Gospel Ministry, advised his members to stay off the show lest they kill themselves spiritually.

In a viral video, the clergyman urged his member to desist from watching the show as it promotes immorality and serves as a danger to their spirit man.

“If you are a child of God and you are watching Big Brother Naija, you are killing your spirit. I’m not against people doing their business, but morality must be handled in our generation,” he said.

Agochukwu also described how he once stumbled upon a video of one of the BBNaija housemates “practically masturbating” on live TV.

He revealed that he blocked the channel in his home as he called on the relevant authorities to put regulations in place for shows like BBNaija.

“I was watching a video on the internet a few days ago, one of them was practically masturbating. And that is on live TV. This is what some parents leave on the TV for their children to watch and they go inside to sleep. She was caressing herself with her finger on a national TV. And it’s a show,” he added.

“You think it will not deal with your spirit being and spirit man? It will kill your prayer life. There are things that shouldn’t get your attention. Someone came to my house and attempted to switch to the channel but discovered that it was blocked.

BBNaija Season 7

“I’m not against anybody; even one girl from my village is there. But we must handle morality, if not, in the next five years, these things that are done secretly will not be secret again.

“Big Brother Nigeria has promoted evil, s*xual Sin in our society. I blocked that programme in my house because it’s not of God. If you’re watching BBNaija, get ready for the spirit of lust, the spirit of lies, the spirit of masturbation and s*xual sin.

“You don’t need to enter any p*rn site again, Big Brother house is now a p*rn programme that’s being broadcast. Watching Big Brother Naija will corrupt your soul, abstain from it.”

Source: The Cable

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