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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Replace Humans?

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Can Artificial Intelligence replace humans? The question on the lips of many as Artificial Intelligence is making its way into our world is if it has come to replace humans in the scheme of things.

Artificial Intelligence can be said to be the goal of creating artefacts that are intelligent and self-conscious just like humans are.

background analysis

The first reason why AI can never have a soul is that it is being programmed by humans. Without the research and test series carried out by tech experts and scientist, it can never be possible. 

AI developing a soul means it is not simply moved by any external forces but it is also capable of moving itself. This contradicts the first reason above because humans are in control of what happens to Artificial Intelligence. Humans can #hack or destroy any AI if they have the knowledge of what the programme consists of.

Another reason why it is practically impossible for Artificial intelligence to have a soul is that it cannot feel pain like humans. Only humans and by extension animals have the capability to feel pains. No matter the theory being peddled by the protagonist of AI, the fact remains it consists of a series of code.

AI having a soul will also mean they can connect with spirituality. In this case, they will have no choice but to dance to the tunes of their designers. For instance, if their designer is a fanatic, then AI will have no other choice than to obey the laid down rules of its designers. 

Can AI question the decision of its designer?

And if it refuses to obey him, then the designer can decide to turn the program off, can we say that the designer just killed a soul? It is on that premise that I want you to look at the rebellious nature of man and compare it with that of Artificial Intelligence.

 We all know that discrimination is a common trait among humans, the question that readily comes to mind is what if humans decide to discriminate against AI because they believe it does not have a soul. Can it fight back as humans do sometimes?

Certain truths and reality

AI deals with the relationship between certain types of truths in reality but human reason deals with reality itself. All the programmes of Artificial intelligence are the culmination of hard work and brilliance of humans.

The human intellect can never be displaced by AI because it lacks the use of intelligence to know the “Essence Of Things.” Human beings think of their situation whenever they get lost and take some moments to think a way out. 
The question is can AI do same? Can they be remorseful and apologise when they do wrong? Can they love or hate like human beings?


I dare to say no computer or machine has been designed that is aware of itself, its purpose. However, AI is good and will help man in its quest to change the world through technology but Artificial Intelligence having a soul is nothing but a dream that can never come through. Technology is the closest man has gone to being a god.

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