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Coronavirus: How To Stay Afloat As An Event Planner

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Before Coronavirus shattered the world, event planners were cashing out steadily especially during major events that had the affluent in the society. The Pre-pandemic era witnessed merriment in large proportions and crowd gathering. 

But the deadly coronavirus has changed all this within months of becoming a pandemic in the world. But what will the Post-COVID19 era look like for event planners across the globe?

In this article, I will take you on a journey of possibilities showing you how to adapt to the new norm while also making a huge amount of money doing what you love to do best.

The communicable nature of the coronavirus has made social gathering a danger for now and it is looking like it is still going to take months or early next year before scientists can come up with a verifiable vaccine to stem the tide of the virus.

So as an event planner, ask yourself how you are going to make a living since people cannot gather together for the time being. Remember the deadly virus has taken thousands of souls with the United States of America leading the numbers of casualties.

Aso-Ebi Is for Saturday

In Nigeria before, every Saturday was for Aso-Ebi. Lagos which is now the epic-center of the deadly pandemic was at the forefront of any event in this country.

People gather in their thousands to celebrate, drink, eat foods and share love. Coronavirus has so far rendered not only event planners jobless, it made millions of people dependent on the government and redundant.

Ironically, there are always opportunities within misfortunes, that is if you are sharp enough. You can still make money planning events for people without breaking the rules of social gathering, particularly, social distance.

ZOOM and virtual planning

Zoom is here to stay whether you like it or not and the faster you open up to that reality, the better for your event planning business.

During the lockdown, the world witnessed the rise in telecommunications using the zoom app. As an event planner, how can you leverage this app to promote your business and make money in this pandemic?

This is what you should do if you have a contract to plan a wedding engagement, employ the use of technology by getting all the necessary gadgets and people that will make that happen using a zoom app. How can you do that?

Get the couples to prepare themselves ahead of the wedding event, ensure that they have access to the zoom app. Also, ensure that you send out the link to attend the event to people so they can join the solemnization wherever they may be.

Also make it a priority to design the background that will be used by the expectant couple, the officiating ministers, the parents of the couples, their selected families, the Mcs, the performing artiste and those that will be shown to the attendees.

Let’s say you have decided to engage the services of a musician like Wizkid or Johnny Drille, you can set up the stage the day before in his house and get all the equipment working for him to deliver a stellar performance for the couples and the attendees.

Food sharing

Food is very important to the attendees of this virtual wedding that you are organizing, but since social gatherings have been banned, how can they get access to food? There is a way you can do it and still get food across to these people without breaking the rules set by the government.

Employ the services of Food agents like Jumia Food, and send them the details of the beneficiaries of the food and give them a timeline to deliver the food. It is that simple and not as complicated as people make it to be.

Event planners across the world need to embrace virtual events because it is not clear when the pandemic will be over. As an event planner, you need not wait for that time, you need to explore the new normal world. Technology is there to help you, get familiar with it. Take your business online and input technology and social media into it and watch your business boom.

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