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Coronavirus: skills your kids can learn this period

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Coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools across the world to shut down their building in order to keep the students safe. Many kids are now at home doing nothing especially in Africa where the traditional mode of teaching is still the norm.

The place of skills in this technology-driven century cannot be downplayed. This holiday gives boys the opportunity to learn more about life outside the school environment. 

You need to understand as a parent or guardian who has been charged with the responsibility of caring for boys that we are no longer in the industrial age where only certificates ruled the world. This time around, we are in a skills economy. It is no longer what you carry (certificate) but what you can do with hands, knowledge, and experience.

What Are The Skills Boys Can Learn?

There are different skills boys can learn this summer, it all depends on their interest. And that is why as a parent, tutor, or guardian you need to take a cursory look at your kids to know what they love to do, what they commit to, what they can do without getting bored, and what keeps them late at night.
This process involves finding the strengths of each child in order to nurture them into creativity.  Below are some of the skills you can enrol your kids in this coronavirus period, to help increase their chance of making it in life and towards productivity.

 1. Coding

As technology is increasing every day with over 2.1 billion users on Facebook and other social networking platforms. There is a need for business owners to drive this traffic to their website.

The implication of this is that they would need a website and mobile app that will change the face of their business and give them a return on investment.

These businesses will require the services of websites and mobile app developers who can design creative website and app for them. This is where your kids come in.

What will be their benefits?
i. coding increases their self-awareness. It also increases their reasoning capacity. It also makes them be independent-minded. coding bring out the entrepreneurial mindset in your kids.v. it prepares them for the future of work.

2. Graphics designing

Graphic designers are behind the beautiful images you see around you, from image ads to flyers and so on. This skill is one of the most sought after in the world right now.

With this skill, they can get paid while playing with designs and pictures. They can even register themselves on freelance websites and start earning in dollars. They can also take design jobs when they get back to school after the summer break is over.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is on top of the list of skills required by employers of labour as the world transitions to skill economy which gives room for everyone to make genuine money with their skills.  This is a must-have skill for not just boys but everyone who do not want to be left behind. 

When your child learns this skill, they can help you grow your business,  sell their skills, and help big firms and even SMEs grow to reach more people with their products. The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank in order for your kids to learn digital marketing.

As mentioned earlier, we are in a tech-driven era, and tutorial videos can be found online and you can also pay some amount to get them equipped and trained by digital marketing agency.

Everybody needs to have knowledge of digital marketing, you are either buying or selling. If you want to buy the right or sell convincingly, then you should encourage your kids to take a ride on this journey.


Blogging requires creating contents and sharing them online to a group of audience. If you have children that love to write fictions, non-fiction, short stories or poems then you should introduce them to this skill. 

Your kids can leverage on this platform to build an audience which they can later turn on to paying customers if eventually, they decide to create a digital product such as E-Books, Courses, Video-Courses e.t.c.

By learning this skill, your kids are exposed to fundamentals of online tools that can be used to manage contents online, create and engage an audience, SEO and other aspects that will help them in their personal development. 

Blogging also improves their confidence and their writing capability. It also gives them room to be famous and interact with thousands if not millions of readers around the world. The best part is that they can also earn from their passion when they have large followers by implementing Google Ads on their blog and affiliate marketing.


If you have children that like to talk, tell funny jokes or sing, then start encouraging them to be YouTuber or start their own vlog.  They can create short or long videos and upload them on YouTube, get people to subscribe to their channel.

With consistency and guidance for you and experts in this field, they can go on to have large subscribers which can shoot them into limelights while they also earn some cash from YouTube.

You can start this by introducing them to YouTube, getting them a video camera or a smartphone to start with.  Help them to be comfortable in front of the camera by building their confidence. Once they are done with that, you can also help them to craft out content strategy to use for their channel.

Video Editing/Photography/Videography

Your kids can start editing their own videos by themselves once they learn these skills. Editing is fun when you take out time to practice, there are lots of ways to do this.

You as a parent can either enrol then in a video editing class or get tutorials on YouTube for them to watch and practice with it. You can also contact us to get video editing tutorials at no cost at all. We do this for the boy child for free.

Photography is another skill which can help keeps your kids busy this summer. You can help them start a career by putting them in a photography school. There are different types of Photography schools around but make sure you verify what the teach first before taking them there. 

If you can afford a standard camera for them to practice with, that will be amazing as they sojourn this field.  A camera that can shoot videos and take pictures will increase their chance of learning photography and Videography at the same time.

Once they master this skill, they can start taking pictures and creating contents putting them out to the world.  
Make sure you actively engage your kids during this coronavirus period by implementing some of the ideas highlighted above.

Get them equipped with the skills they need. Instead of putting them in summer school again, kindly encourage them to learn a skill that will not only increases their chance to get a good job but be employers of labour themselves.
School is good and very important, in fact, everyone should get some form of education no matter what but skills is also great.

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