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Abba Kyari

How DCP Abba Kyari ably described as Nigeria’s “supercop” by the media got overwhelmed by the praise singers believing he is untouchable is what Nigerians are still finding difficult to unravel.

It is so painful to see a man once celebrated in the Nigerian political and media space fall from grace.

The power-drunk officer even got a street named after him in his native state as a form of reward for his exploits in ridding the Nigerian society of criminals.

It is suspected that the accolades got into Abba Kyari’s head which made him feel he is infallible. But Kyari forgot that no man on this earth is infallible, and it is in man’s nature to seek for more.

The way man is designed by the creator, his quest for material things, power, fame makes him susceptible to all forms of temptations. In this case, Abba Kyari’s quest for material wealth has once again rubbished his highly celebrated decade-long career in the mud.

A popular adage in the Yoruba language when translated has it that “a man that has money is not always content with it”
It can easily be deducted that is what happened to the once highly rivalled Abba Kyari.

The same mad quest for material wealth is evident in the recent surge in ritual killings and internet related crimes being committed by the youths of Nigeria.
What makes Abba Kyari’s own more painful is that ordinarily, his salary should at least make him comfortable if it were to be his only source of legitimate income. But a peep into the life of an ordinary Nigerian will show you that there is a corrupt man waiting for an opportunity to milk any resources if the chance presents itself.

For a start, early internet fraudsters popularly called “Yahoo Yahoo Boys” in Nigeria starts from scamming their fellow countrymen before graduating outside the shores of Nigeria in search of wealthy prey.

Hushpuppi is an individual that falls under the aforementioned category. After duping a lot of his victims, he graduated into scamming firms and multinational companies before luck ran out of him.

Abba Kyari on the other hand used his position as a law enforcement officer to negotiate deals with drug barons that deemed to and see to the end of those that failed to “cooperate” in the sense of the word. Or how else can one describe a man that is under investigation for alleged involvement with an international fraudster still breaking drugs deals with cartels from Brazil?
The skill and confidence of Abba Kyari’s audacity should be carefully studied by the Nigerian intelligence community. How come a man under suspension by the Nigerian Police still has the power to command officers under the IRT unit to arrests suspected drug dealers and broker deals with NDLEA officials?

In every ten Nigerians, there are more than two Abba Kyari and that is not up for a debate.

Greed is an evil seed that can be sowed, nurtured by an individual who is not content which the little he has.
Abba Kyari’s downfall is a lesson to Nigerians that no matter how long it takes, a man that has allowed greed overwhelm him will watch in awe his eventual downfall.

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