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Differences Between Content And Copywriting Series 1

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What is the difference between content and copywriting? A sales copy meant to push people to take a certain action is often misconstrued as content. Although you might want to argue that they are the same, it is very important that you follow in this series.

When it comes to content creation, mostly it is about generating ideas for personal use, to appeal to an audience or a group of people, or to convince or influence people.
In a plain word, content creation is putting together ideas for people outside of your comfort zone.

Background ideas of content and the media

Have you ever wondered when there is a coup in a country, where those coup plotters go to first? Most definitely not the Army headquarters, not even the airport.
Where do they go?
They go straight to the media house because they know, with the right public relations officer who knows what he is doing and can create content that will appeal to the citizens. Then they can almost be sure of taking full control of the situation.


Almost everything you do online now is influenced by content, from the things you read to what you buy. But not many people realize what they can do with the contents they push out. The Markangel comedy that you watch most of the time are content ideas that were turned into comedy that in turn make generate income and also fame.

Think of Akpororo, Alibaba, I Go Die, and all other creatives you know. They all have to generate these ideas which they turn into content for people like us. Have you ever wondered why people pay over a million naira and above just to watch AY Live Show and laugh?

It is because there is a missing gap that people like AY saw, decided to capitalize on it. They constantly generate content for their fans so people like you and me can buy their tickets.

All the adverts you see online are all content ideas of creatives who are most times copywriters. I am sure you have heard of BBNaija. Did you know that before they call out for auditions, they already had their content strategy planned out?

Do you know why they are active on social media?

They know what you want so they post almost nudity for you to see. There is a difference between the two, I hope you now know what content entail?

How to generate content ideas

Think of content like a board meeting where germane issues such as the future, plans of the company are mapped out at the beginning of the year. No company starts without a goal in mind or the end-user. The purpose of creating content is to target the user at the receiving end.

People buy based on emotions and justify their purchase based on logic. What exactly draws people to take a pause and look at your content? It is because of their emotions, suppose values they are getting from reading your work.

differences between content and copywriting
differences between content and copywriting

ways to get ideas

There are different ways to generate ideas, the first step is to read widely. That is to take a perusal of everything you can find. But the mistake most people make is thinking writing is the only form of content that exists.

Take a walk

This is specific to those who have writers misery or what we often refer to as ”Writers Block” When you are short of ideas, that is the time to take a walk to places that ordinarily you won’t go on a norm. Those are where those ideas can come from, the beautiful thing about going out is that a fight can be happening in the streets and the ideas can start flowing in your head.

The series will continue tomorrow…..

Do you enjoy reading and learning about content writing? This is not all, we continue tomorrow. Please I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment, like and share with your friends and family.

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