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Femi Otedola Ferrari Shopping

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Femi Otedola Ferraris conversations sets Nigeria’s social media space on fire last week.

What did he do?

The Billionaire busionessman decided to take his daughters shopping, he crowned it all when he got them Ferraris’ as gifts.

The mob mentality in many Nigerians have made many people blame themselves for possessing distinguished character and brilliance.

Well, you are not alone, there are different people who are finding themselves in this precarious situation.

Blame game

Sadly this attitude is growing among Nigerians and by extension the world over.

When rich and successful people get the blames for the woes of the less privileged.

Even when these rich folks were never at any time involve in politics.

The poor still believe they owe them some form of kindness.

When on earth does it become necessary for the rich to take care of the people against their will?

Is there a signed constitution that made it mandatory for the rich and successful people not to spend their money wilfully?

Last week, social media was ablaze following the news that Nigeria’s Billionaire, Femi Otedola took his celebrity daughters on shopping and bought them Ferraris.

While that single action immediately became the benchmark for young Nigerians to judge, question the existence of their parents.

What these folks failed to understand was that the money spent on the ‘’Ferraris’’ by Otedola did not take even 1% of his income.

When rich businessman spend their money all vanities like some would prefer to call it.

They should also remember that Otedola is not the President of Nigeria, neither is he the governor they elected.

Circa 2015, that was in college, there were course mates who felt entitled that even during examination period.

They bashed me for not opening my books for them to copy.

That particular scenario replayed like a movie recently.

One of them was feeling high and felt he has attained success that he reminded me that back in college,

I used to close my book against cheating.

Like what the f*ck?

How come he is blaming me for his own failure? After all we both paid our school fees and the same lecturer taught us.

We never grew up together, neither did we share the same sperm or womb.

Not until we left school that I understood that it is a norm to shift responsibilities on others.

Imagine that stupid idea where a society begins to blame students who distinguished themselves in their studies?

Such students graduates with honours either ‘First Class or Second Class Upper.’’

The same society begins to comfort the ones at the bottom who graduated with Third Class or Pass with life is not just about ‘’certificate.’’

The most annoying part is when they start mentioning names like Bill Gate, Mark Zukerberg et.al.

Forgetting that Mark, Gates did not just jump out of school because they failed.

Bill and Gate had a dream which later turned into a multi-billion dollar business that changed the world.

God forbid Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates were to be in Nigeria when they dropped out, That will be the end for them.

They would eventually join the gang of ‘’school na scam.’’

Every human being must be thought what responsibilities is.

When things go wrong against their plans, at no point should they apportion blames to anyone other than themselves.

This is the only way they can move forward.

Take a break

Femi Otedola has the liberty to spend his money the way he likes.

He is a pure businessman man, not a politician.

Also,understand that as human it is impossible to0 solve all humans problems.

Femi has been helping the poor for many decades now.

If he decides to spoil Dj Cuppy, Temi with Ferraris today, don’t blame him.

Instead, go and work for your own money so that you can do same for your children.

Everyone is also at liberty to use their money for charity.

If you like you can carry all the problems of the poor on your head like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Start thinking like Femi Otedola and drop your poverty mentality if you want to ever become rich and succesful.

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