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How Mr Macaroni Is Changing The Face Of Comedy Industry In Nigeria

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If you are a Nigerian, especially a youth, chances are you have probably heard of the sensational online comedian called Mr Macaroni also known as “Daddy Wa or Freaky Freaky.

He practically blew even before he observed the mandatory NYSC.

There is no doubt that Mr Macaroni is a combination of talents that shines beyond his cocoon.

As a young creative myself, I am overwhelmed by the creativity and hard work Mr Macaroni puts into the content he dishes out to his fans and by extension the world over.

What most of his fans see is the finished work, beneath those content that cracks your ribs are hours of staying awake, thoughts, testing and failures.

If you are keen on knowing the hard work behind the scenes, check the bloopers.

But there is one secret I noticed about the personality of Mr Macaroni that has endeared me to him.

Mr Macaroni has brought a couple of underdog creatives into the online comedy industry.

Thankfully, a number of them have gone on to establish themselves and sealing their place in the hearts of their fans.

To give you a brief of how Mr Macaroni has helped and is helping nurture other talents, it is necessary to mention their names.

Mummy Wa

Kemi Ikuseedun, popularly called “Mummy Wa” is one of the talents Mr Macaroni has helped to find their voice and creativity in the comedy industry.

The busty actress broke into the limelight playing the role of a fictional wife of Mr Macaroni.

In an interview conducted by the PUNCH, she said “Initially, I acted as one of the girls (freaky freaky) in the skits. But, there was a day I was doing my thing as Kemz Mama in the ‘Mummy wa’ outfit and he (Adebayo) saw me and asked me to try out the role of his wife. I was very surprised when he called me for the shoot. He said he wanted that particular costume and character. And, the rest, as they say, is history.”

She further revealed that she often got naughty requests from male fans. She said,“When I started, I did not get naughty requests because a lot of people didn’t know I was the one playing those roles. They just could not place it. However, I have recently been getting many naughty requests from male fans.”

You might get lost in the euphoria thinking Mummy Wa is in a love relationship with MR Macaroni. But the truth is nothing of such exists.

It is only a figment of your imagination and every scenes you see the two comic actors performed are strictly fictional.

Isbae U

Isbae U

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the generosity of Mr. Macarani is ‘’Isbae U.’’

Born in Lagos in the mid-90s to a Nollywood veteran named Kamal Adebayo, one could not be mistaken if it is declared that the talent runs in the family.

It would interest you that the now lovable, Isbae U started out as a musician with a number of singles to his credit.

He later took after his father by picking up acting and storming the Nollywood industry.

As time goes on, Isbae U switched gears to comedy appearing on Mr Macaroni’s comedy skit.

After several appearances on Mr Macaroni’s skit, Isbae U now has tons of fans and a YouTube channel dedicated to his body of works.

As of the time of writing this article, Isbae U has a total number of 38.3k subscribers on his YouTube channel with thousands of views on the comedy skits he does just within hours.

His Instagram handle stands at420k followers. The most interesting part of Isbae U is that he is in a relationship with “Mummy Wa.”

On how long this love affair would last is not the focus of the article.

mummy wa

Brother Shaggi/ Officer Woos Wobi

brother shaggi and officer woos wobi

To make a detour, it is important to mention how Broda Shaggi has done the same thing Mr Macaroni did for Isbae U, Mummy Wa for Officer Woos Wobi.

It beats imagination to see these crops of talents create a lifeline for others to grow into a brand of their own.

Officer Woos Wobi is doing quite well with a huge number of following, views of his comedy skits on his YouTube page and other social media platforms.

In bringing this article home, I dare say that creatives in other industry should begin to take partnership seriously just like the characters discussed above have done.

How about the ones that have reportedly “blown” pick up the one’s that are still struggling?

Who do you think will benefit in the long run?

Do you think Mr Macaroni shot himself in the leg by helping Isbae U and Mummy Wa?

Can you say that Mr Macaroni has been the greatest beneficiary of the help he rendered to the aforementioned folks?

Whatever your answer is, try to read this again carefully so you can arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

There is a need for you to employ the use of logic and burn out all the noise around you.

Do you know that there is a company now called Mr Macaroni Entertainment Limited?

A few months ago, I saw a vacancy for a content writing position that was opened at the company.

I was amazed at how this amazing act is making people laugh and creating opportunities for other creatives at the same time.

It is a matter of factly, that the man called Mr Macaroni is just getting started as he has just made a foray into the Nollywood industry with a debut in AYINLA produced and directed by veteran Tunde Kilani.

I must state that Mr Macaroni has been acting in Nollywood Tv drama for years now, but his stars shone after he entered into the online comedy industry.

I would love to hear from you, kindly drop your comment below as I will be reading them and replying as well.

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