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How To Become Consistent As A Creative

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

How can you become consistent as a creative in this ever dynamic cycle controlled technology?

Many creatives are confused on how to take the lead in their respective career or passion.

When starting out as a creative, you are definitely filled with much energy enough to battle the world.

You are there telling yourself that you’ve got all it takes to shine forth your creativity.

To your disappointment, after few words, what you do effortlessly before now suddenly became a mountain hill for you to climb.

To help you break these chains holding you back, I have taken out time to address this in my own understanding by recommending practical solutions.

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Do What You Love
 If you are reading this and you are in the 9-5 conundrum, chances are the job you are doing now sucks.

One of the reasons why many employees hate their full-time job is because of the repetition. Although you are consistent on your job, there is a limit placed on you by your employer.

Your employer determines what happens, you don’t. no personal goals of your own are attached to your job aside repeating the tasks assigned to you everyday of the week.

Have A Goal In Mind
Do you have a goal in mind as a creative?
What do you want to achieve in 5-10 years in your creative journey?
Remember that old proverb that says no man start a journey without knowing where he is going to?
For you to be consistent as a creative, it is vital that you have a goal in mind.

Be clear on what you want to achieve and break down the process of achieving them.

Document Your Thoughts
My dear friend reading this, it is important for you to document your thoughts when doing your job. Inspiration and epiphany come in a flashlight which if not documented could vanish forever.

That is why it is recommended that you should always journal because those small ideas that you fail to pay attention to could be revisited and turned to content for your audience.

Some of the articles I have written began to manifest after I jotted a word or two during a discussion or my time of inner questioning.

Deal With Procrastination
There is no creative or writer that has it all figured out when it comes to the issue of procrastination.
I must confess to you, the draft of this article you are reading now has been in my writing app for a month.

I have always been postponing the completion of this article until today that I took out time to complete it.
There is no perfect way to deal with procrastination, however, the onions lie on you to define how to deal with procrastination as a creative.
If you fail to do that, you might fall into a situation that you might not be able to handle.

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Learn From Other Creatives
As a creative myself, I would be deceiving you if I say you should ignore other creatives.

Make it a matter of priority to collaborate with other creatives.
The answer to the puzzles facing you right now might just be solved if you send that message or call other creatives.

A check on YouTube will show you thousands of creatives providing solutions and solving problems that seem complicated hitherto.

When you feel stuck in your creative journey, reach out to others for help.

Take A Break
Although I am guilty of not taking a break myself. To tell you the truth, since the beginning of this year I am yet to go for any leisure or entertainment, largely because of the deadly coronavirus.

Whenever someone suggests it, there is always something coming up that thrashes the idea. 
It is important for you to cool down your nerves and refresh your creativity. “No dey too dey serious”

I hope you enjoyed reading this? I would love to hear from you on what is holding you back from being consistent as a creative. Please leave your comment below

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Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu is a content specialist, writer, journalist, and philosopher. Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu helps individuals and brands become visible using content and visual promotion. AOA helps individuals and brands become visible using content and visual promotion. This process involves creating sellable content that pushes your brand to the world. It also includes social media management and digital promotion. He is currently a Post-Graduate student at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism where he is studying Print-Journalism in Lagos.

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