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How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

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Creating a digital marketing strategy is not child’s play, to do that you have to be on top of your game. The question is how can you create an effective digital marketing strategy for your clients, business or products?

In this simplified article, I have taken it on myself to show you how to go about it with an example I created from the scracth.

Business Name : Emmanuel Technology
Location : Ikeja, Lagos

Brand Identity: We are a startup company which is into sales of UK used laptops.

First what we need to do is to set a goal of what we intend to achieve with our marketing.


What we intend to achieve is to reach more people and gain visibility, generate leads and have conversions.

Target Audience : Undergraduates, Students, Youths, Bankers, Small Business Owners, Events Planners.


No matter the plan, there is a need to work with a budget. When we know the budget we want to use to set up our website and run  Ads on the platforms we are using, it will be easier for us.

Let’s say to set up our E-Commerce website, we are spending 80,000 with the payment gateway installed.

Also, Let’s say to run our ads on Facebook and Instagram what we intend to spend monthly is 10,000.

The expected conversions are 20 which means we expect at least 20 customers to visit the website and make a purchase on the store.

So to market our Laptops, we are focusing on having a website and running Facebook and Instagram Ads.


We will need to have an E-Commerce website/store to do that.

This website has to be beautifully designed with clear pictures of our different products on display.

It also has to have product descriptions, and information on the price.

We must also have our social media channel and a live chat on our website for visitors and prospective customers to ask questions.

We also know that content is king, so we will create contents that are valuable to our customers and visitors.

Content like how to repair, install softwares on their systems will be great for these people.

Also, we will dish out solutions to the most common problems with laptops and put videos there for them to watch.

We also need to have these contents optimised so that we can rank well when people search for Laptops sales on Google.

This can be done by using the relevant keywords in relation to the content published on the website.


The next thing we must create on our website is to offers and opt-in forms with freebies such as free E-Books on how to repair simple laptops faults.

The brain behind these offers is for prospective customers to sign in for the opt-in form, they get the free E-Book and we get their Email in exchange.

The information derived can now be used for email marketing with a goal to inform them about the latest products.

Another reason is to make the returning them returning customers when they purchase any of the laptops we have on the website.

Email marketing service like Mailchimp can be used to achieve this.  The customers should be aware of the latest offers and products the company is giving out.

Social media handles

The best part of this digital marketing strategy will not be complete without the use of social media.

The company’s social media channels must be set up and integrated on the website.

Because social media stands as one of the great sources of traffic for the website.

That means we must keep our social media pages updated with relevant content and details of our products. 

Reviews/Testimonials and Credibility

The usefulness of reviews and testimonials cannot be over flogged because they create credibility for the overall image of the company.

The goal is to get these testimonials and reviews out for prospective customers.

Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms to push a brand, products and services.

We first need to create ads with the goal of reach/visibility of our products.

When people are familiar with the company’s products generating leads won’t be a problem anymore.

The best approach is to attend quickly to questions and enquiries about our products and services.

The ultimate and perhaps the goal of every business is to have these leads directed to our website and make them do the final action which is conversion.

During the setup of the company’s Facebook Ads, We will write clear copies and add a Call-To-Action for our prospective customers.

The image we are using has to be of good quality and doesn’t breach any of Facebook Ads law.

Also, videos are fast taking over as an effective means of communicating a brand identity to prospective customers.

We will make a video of all the products we have and push them with Facebook and Instagram ads.

how to create a digital marketing strategy with facebook
how to create a digital marketing strategy with facebook

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs are vital when creating Ads, and it must also be on the website. Frequently Asked Questions go a long way in making people buy a product.

Take for example, one of the objections from the customers might be :

How do I know this your laptops work effectively?

Answer: All our laptops come with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

If you buy one and it malfunction, then send it back. However, you can click on this link to see what other happy customers are saying about our Laptops. 

This is an effective FAQ to demolish any objections from the customers.

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Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu is a content specialist, writer, journalist, and philosopher. Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu helps individuals and brands become visible using content and visual promotion. AOA helps individuals and brands become visible using content and visual promotion. This process involves creating sellable content that pushes your brand to the world. It also includes social media management and digital promotion. He is currently a Post-Graduate student at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism where he is studying Print-Journalism in Lagos.

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