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How to Generate Content Ideas: Series 2

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Today the difference between content and copywriting series continues and I am focusing on how to help you generate content ideas.


Research is vital for writers who want to generate content ideas. I am sure when Naira Marley came with his support for Yahoo Guys. Most of you either wrote against him or him defended him by your writing.
It was because of what Naira Marley stood for that made you wrote for or against him.

Opay vs Gokada

Before the ban on Okada by the administration of Governor Sanwo-Olu, can you tell me the first bike riding company that uses an app and pioneered the bike riding services? Gokada and Maxng started the bike riding services in Lagos.

Then Opay came with disruptive ideas and strategy, they even reduced their fee just to entice prospective users to choose them ahead of their competitors.

When people heard of the low price they charge, they never thought twice about it, before booking a ride. If you could remember I said people make decisions based on emotions and justify them using logic. That also applies here.

Content creation amid tight schedule

How do you create consistent content despite your tight schedule?
In the midst of the hustle and bustle inside life. There are many ways to do this, but I will highlight the most helpful ones that you will need.

Have a plan

A plan involves what you want to create, what content you want are you preparing for your audience to consume. Remember the content is not about you, it is about the audience. So you must have a plan. How do you want to go about distributing your content on various platforms?

That’s a plan, great content creators you adore do not just wake up and start creating content. They always work with a plan which involves also a calendar. When you have a content calendar, it makes your job easier. You are clear on what you want to push to your readers or audience.

Having a plan and a calendar means you plan ahead of the day. You take the content to your audience.
You do not starve them of your content when you plan ahead, it gives you relief of mind knowing that you already have everything planned out for your audience.

Create a silent time for yourself

Another way to create consistent content is to take out time for silence. Be alone sometimes, just go to a silent place and open your eyes to the imagination.

how to generate content ideas

write for one

Another way is to write for one person, do not just write as if you are writing for the whole of Africa, be conversational. Let your content be person-centric. Imagine a teacher who just came to a class occupied by a group of students, he refused to do an introduction of who he is and the topic the students are going to work on.

All he did was to write on the chalkboard and left. If you were one of those students how would you feel?
So understand that your contents only need to touch one person, when this person is touched, it allows you to connect with them which breeds more inspiration.

FAQ” in marketing

In its simplest form, F.A.Q means frequently asked questions.
Yes, always take out time to ask your readers/audience/clients what they would love you to read about. You can do this by leveraging social media.

keep writing

The last way to create consistent content is to write no matter what. Don’t stop documenting those ideas, thoughts, journal them. They might not be useful now but who knows they may come handy in the nearest future.

The series continues with a deep focus on copywriting on my next post. If you have learned something beneficial since the beginning of this series, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and like to show your support. Also do not forget to share this post and other relevant articles with your friend and families.

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