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How To Get A Job During Coronavirus Crisis

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Getting a job during coronavirus crisis is not as hard as you think, but there are ways to go about it. Remember that you can stay ahead of the game during this period.
I do not mean to be insensitive, but this is just the reality that we just found ourselves, it is no longer news that the Federal Government of Nigeria has placed Nigeria on lockdown due to the new cases of coronavirus and the fears of a massive escalation.

Companies will fold up

Many companies will fold up, it is not a curse or neither do I wish them bad, but recession will hit many companies because of the remote work might not favour them. In all these, some will embrace remote work, and others will continue with the norm especially those that require physical presence.

EON content creator

Content creators

However, there will be massive opening for content creators, video editor, graphic designers et.al
How many people have noticed the increase in LinkedIn connection in this new week, people are desperately increasing their chances to avoid the pain that will be associated with the event that coronavirus eventually spread its wings.
Check the internet, you will see that CORONAVIRUS is the number one in the world now.

Companies will need people to keep their online presence and to engage with their audience. Also, religious houses will want to connect with their members in the case that they can no longer hold physical worship.

Upgrade your skills

This is the time to upgrade your skills if you are not so good as there will be demand for your services. The services of content creators, social media managers, brand communicators, content creators, copywriters, and even digital marketers will be highly needed at this dangerous time.

Internet data

The use of internet data and users will also soar higher because most businesses will now be over the internet, people will also want to stay in touch with news all over the world. Before this crisis, there are billions of users that are active on the internet everyday, you need to know that the number will not reduce.

Home Learning

Many people will start learning from home because education is very important, and there will be a shift in that direction. There will be massive utilization of education apps, learning communities like Udemy, Linda, and others will witness a surge in the subscriber list that they have.

If you are a programmer or an app developer, be ready for opportunities and if you can teach excellently well, be ready to put your products to the world.

netflix image

Entertainment blogs and platform

Since most people will be at home, they will need to get their minds off the sad news of the coronavirus, they will likely resort to entertainment. Platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, blogs and websites that deliver entertaining content will witness an increase in their viewers, subscribers, and readers.

Get a job as a delivery man

delivery man

Remember the ban on Okada in Lagos by Governor Sanwo-Olu, that single decision made Gokada and the rest pivot into delivery services. These companies will be offering jobs to delivery men and women who can help them transport their goods and services from one location to the other.

So if you know how to ride a bike or how to drive a car, be open-minded to these opportunities as they come.

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save moeny

Save and save

The coming days will call for drastic measures such as saving, you will need to save more than you earn because people will run out of cash and may start selling their properties such as houses, cars.

The person with the money bag will go home with all the goodies that come around during this coronavirus pandemic.

Gather your money and be ready to take on these opportunities as they emerge in the coming days. BE SAFE, BE SMART AND BE INTELLIGENT!!

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