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TECHNOLOGY: How To Stay Safe Amid Tech Disruption

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How can you stay safe amid all the tech disruption in the world? As you all get excited at the growth of technology, there are other side effects of that is gradually becoming a reality. They are the health risk that awaits employees and tech individuals while carrying their job duties.

Tech disruption is good for the progress of humanity and the advancement of the key aspects of human life. But the major burning issue is how the tech-savvy individuals who are in this space are functioning in their work life and personal life.

Are they happy with their work?

Are they under stress?

How are they coping with the pressure that comes with their work?

The key players in the technology industry need to pay more attention to how to safeguard employees, tech guys health amid this disruption.

Health risk amid tech disruption

What are the health risk involved in working in the tech industry? One of the risks involved for people who function in this space is that they can fall into depression.

While it is a thing of joy to sit behind your laptop for long hours, it can also be frustrating especially when some certain things are not working in your favour. Techies are not exempted from depression, the fact is that they are easy prey to this situation.


Stress count as one of the side effects of technology disruption that is taking over the world. If not checked stress can be overwhelming especially when you sit behind your laptops for 12 hours or more and your only companion is the keyboard.  

Draining your eyes

Employees or tech-savvy guys cannot run away from this but it can be controlled. This can be done by reducing the brightness of the screen on your laptop, mobile devices or desktop computers.

Do not be carried away by the lust to see everything clearly, that is good but take conscious of the risk that comes with such actions. 

As a writer that works online, the perfect solution I have implemented is to put the screen of the laptop I use on a night light, this decision has been very helpful to me.

Take conscious effort to protect your eyes from the hazard that comes with your job. Try doing this by blinking your eyes every 20 seconds and looking away from the laptop screen every 20 minutes.

Take a break

Taking a break is quite distracting especially when there are targets to meet, I know this because this is the industry work in and from experience I can attest that breaks are important as meeting targets. Try to stay safe amid this tech disruption by taking breaks often.

Change your seat arrangement or posture

One of the best ways to avoid being on the wrong side of technology disruption is by changing your sitting posture. Therefore employees should change their sitting posture frequently to avoid having backache.

Relate with people offline

An offline relationship is still effective even as technology is bringing people together more than it has ever been. If you are a techie, imbibe the culture of relating to people outside the tech industry. Engage in conversation that will show the other side of you beyond the areas of the technology industry.

To conclude this article, the rise of technology has given many opportunities for young individuals ever that it has ever been in the history of mankind.

Therefore it is your duty to take every necessary step to prevent the risks that come along with technology.

tech disruption is real

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