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Coronavirus In Nigeria: Communication As A Weapon For Virus Fight

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Communication minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed

How can communication be used o fight the spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria?

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading at an unprecedented level in Nigeria due to flagrant disregard by the downtrodden in the country.

Since there is no known cure yet for the virus, the effective ways is to contain the spread of the virus.

But how can communication help in the fight against the coronavirus spread in Nigeria?

Communication in its simplest form is the exchange of information which can be in writing, speaking and other medium deemed necessary.

The act of communication is very important that is why government around the world choose carefully who speaks for them.

The communication sector is key to the branding or otherwise of any government, brands or individuals.

The question now is how can the Nigerian government capitalize on this to curtail the spread of this deadly coronavirus?

In this article, I will outline ways that communication can be used to stop the continuous spread of the virus.

Engage the grassroots people

The people at the grassroots are the most disadvantaged in the society and this is evident in the way they react to the deadly virus.

Most of them still have the belief that the virus is not for the poor but the rich in the society.

No one can blame them for that, they have suffered neglect for years in the hands of their leaders.

Sincerely, not much is going on at the grassroots level, during the election, politicians pay frequents visit to poor people and even pretend to be like them just so they could get votes.

Then why is it that during this precarious time communication is lacking at the grassroots level?

If the government is serious about fighting this pandemic then concrete steps should be taken to communicate the dangers of contracting the virus and the guidelines should be read out to the poor.


Language is very important in communication, If you communicate in the language your audience does not understand, then the very essence of communication has been defeated.

Therefore, the government must take it as a challenge to communicate with the grassroots people in the language they understand and not just the English language.

Let them break the information down into the tribes and languages and make it simple.

boss mustapha communicating with Nigerians on coronavirus
Boss mustapha communicating with Nigerians

Communal spread

The stage Nigeria is now is the communal spread which means that it is capable of spreading to an uncontrollable level.

When the virus beyond control, the government will be incapable of controlling it because the health care sector which in itself was in disarray before the pandemic got into this control will be overwhelmed.

Contact tracing

Contact tracing requires getting information which can be communicated by the patients already diagnose of the virus.

But if the government did not communicate with the people on the importance of early testing, how far can they trace infected people?

Keep it in mind that some coronavirus carrier might be infecting others unknowingly.

That is why it is important for the government to speed up it’s testing capacity, contact tracing and communication aspect to contain this virus to the minimal level.

National Orientation Agency

The National Orientation Agency also known as NOA has been silent for years and may wonder what the problem was.

Their mission was to orientate and communicate to Nigerians on germane issues affecting the countries.

I dare say that Nigerians are more familiar with the NCDC than they have ever been with the NOA.

In conclusion, To fight the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria, communication has to be at the front stage.

All resources should be deployed by informing Nigerians on the dangers of breaking health guidelines.

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