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How To Win Big During Remote Interview

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Remote interviews are at the centre stage now that everyone including recruiters is trying to stay safe from the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Now the question is how can you win big during a remote interview?

If you have never done this type of interview before it can be scary at first, but you don’t have to go through that if you read this article till the end, I can assure you that you will not only be confident but will likely get the news of your exploit in no distance time,

Preparing for a remote interview takes more effort than a physical interview, but what is worse is when you fail to prepare or test the necessary gadgets needed for your interview. In response to this, let me walk you through the right steps that might get you your next job.

Ask questions

Immediately you receive a mail, message, or call for the interview, take it a step further by asking the hiring manager on the tools, platforms you need will use for the interview. Be sure of the medium that will be used, is it only audio calls, or visual and audio calls.

If you do not have those apps installed on your device, download them, get familiar with them before the day of the interview. Ask them if the pandemic has affected their organization, also ask them the measures they have put in place to ensure they stay afloat.


Make it a priority to research deeply about the company you want to work for. Cast your mind back to when you were in your final year in school, you were assigned a research topic to work on as part of the requirements to getting your degree. I am sure you carried out research on your project topic before you submitted and graduated.

That is the same way you need to carry out research on the company you are interviewing at. Check their online presence and social media handles for possible information that will give you an edge during the interview.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn might give you the contact of some of the employees of the company, you can connect with them to learn more about the company. Know the industry they function in, their competitors, and your job functions.

Dress for success

Your dressing matters a lot when attending an online interview. Never you make the mistake of dressing shabbily because you are not attending a physical interview. Choose a well-ironed dress that you would normally wear to a physical interview because that will count as one of the factors to judge if you can work for the company.

Check the background

The background you use during the interview counts and gives your interviewer(s) an impression about you. Find a clean background and not just any background for the interview. You have to be creative about this, do not use your kitchen or toilet as your background. Use a clean and simple background, ensure that you sit straight on your chair, and place your phone ringtone on silent.

Eliminate all distractions

Distractions are a minus for you when attending a remote interview if you are not the only one at home inform others of the need to stay quiet for the time being. Distractions can come from anywhere ranging from calls, background noise.

Focus on the camera lens

Eye contact is equally important even though you are not attending a physical interview. Focus your eyes on the camera lens and not the screen. When you look at the screen instead of the camera lens, the interviewer(s) might think you are doing something else and then consider you unserious.

Be audible and confident

Ensure your voice is audible enough for the interviewers for easy communication. Be confident in your posture and voice. Do not show any sign of weakness and ensure you have a copy of your cv beside you for easy reference.

Scaling an interview irrespective of the mode requires preparation, commitment, and research. This is the time to sell yourself as a brand to the company you aspire to work for. Be clear on your job functions and test all your digital devices before the penultimate day of the interview just in case it is a remote one.

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