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How To Write A Sales Copy That Converts Series 3

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Knowing how to write a sales copy that converts is an important talent that great copywriters have. Often so many would-be copywriters are confused on the next steps to take and that was what informed the formulation of this article.

Let’s get to know a bit about copywriting is the process of writing a text for an advert targeted at the audience, readers, buyers or clients. The main goal of a sales copy is to make conversions. In this case, it is not through the spoken word but the written word.

However, copywriting can be transcribed into a video advert, think of the popular advert you have watched.
Copywriting can also be interpreted using videos. The whole idea of crafting a copy is to influence the end-user, audience, customers to dance to your tune. 

Terms in copywriting

There are terms you should get familiar with if you want to pursue a career in copywriting. Terms like; Sales copy, Landing Page, Conversions, Targeting, Retargeting, Audience, Email List and so on.

Sales copy is almost the same thing as copywriting but in this case, you end goal is to influence the customer to purchase from you.

Landing page

A landing page is a page designed that enables the customers to register on your platform. It is a built-in page for the customers to put their names, address, contact numbers depending on how you designed it.

Content creation involves dishing out content for a group of audience. you can turn this audience into paying and loyal customers using the power of copywriting.

Copywriting is strictly business-oriented, while content creation can be to just make people learn from you, inform, educate and entertain theme.

There was a time they were advertising a slim tea for a company but they used the power of content and copywriting to deliver the sales message while also making people laugh in the process. Their end goal was to create awareness for slim tea and also drive conversions. Imagine if over one million people had watched that particular series?

How to become a great copywriter

How do you learn a skill?
It takes constant learning and practising. In one of Bishop David Oyedepo’s sermon on taking responsibility for one’s life. He said you do not become a better writer by not writing. Potential employers and readers will only know that you are a writer when we see samples of your works.

Imagine if some of your potential clients ask for samples of your work and the answer you could give is that you have not started writing. Then you are just a dreamer that’s the same situation with copywriting.   You do not become a copywriter by word of mouth.

Let me give you an example, I have always loved pictures. And I told myself that one day I will learn how it works. But for years I was just a dreamer. Not until I got a camera to practice with. Then I took lessons and attended seminars on Photography, how the camera works and how to take a good shot.

You can also use that method to become a great copywriter now I watch a lot of movies not for the fun of it but to get the full details of how the cameraman shot the scene. Where he used a close-up shot, media shot and so on. Attention to details matter as you begin the journey of copywriting

When you see Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter ads next time. Stop a bit to see the copies that followed the ad
Try to imagine yourself as the copywriter and later on as a neutral user who does not have an idea of what copywriting is. A sure way to become a great copywriter is by reading and investing in yourself.

Secrets To Writing A Better Copy

What are the secrets involved in creating copies that send signals to your target audience and make them take action immediately? The first secret is;

How to write a sales copy that converts

My role model, John Obidi will say “storytelling is embedded in the DNA of an African.”

What do you think of that? Do you believe it? How many of you remember when we were small watching those old men on TV surrounded by children? Do you remember the stories that were often told? Some were based on animals especially tortoise.

Those stories come with moral lessons for us to learn. But in your own case, the moral lesson in your story will be the value you are giving your audience.  What they will benefit from signing up for your offers.

We all know that ”Mumu Button” that women use to control men. In fact, most women claim that every man has that button. And once a woman presses the button, the man does her bidding.

Please do not ask me if a woman has my MuMu Button🤪 that is not our focus joor! Now you have the ability to hijack and fully possess the mumu button of your audience with superior storytelling skills. Do not be too serious, we are not in a military regime. To be continued……

 What matters isn’t storytelling. What matters is telling a true story well.”  

Ann Handley

Do you enjoy reading and learning about copywriting and how to create a sales copy that converts? This is not all, we continue tomorrow. Please I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment, like and share with your friends and family.

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