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Copywriting is the process of writing a text for an advert targeted at the audience, readers, buyers or clients. The main goal of a sales copy is to make conversions. In this case, it is not through the spoken word but the written word.

However, copywriting can be transcribed into a video advert, think of the popular advert you have watched and think of copywriting.

But How Do You Write A Killer Sales-Copy?

There are different ways to advertise online, they include, Facebook ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Email Marketing and so on.

For the above-listed platform to be successful, it must follow with a sales copy. That is where you come in.
Here are the steps to writing a Copy that sells immediately ;

1- Make the customers/readers the center of your copy: The biggest mistake most budding and even established copywriters make when crafting a copy is making the copy all about them.

Understand that you are not writing for yourself, so make your copy about the readers.
The attention span a reader or a customer can give you is 30 seconds when they see that you are making yourself the focus of the copy.

You immediately turn them off and take it that your copy has failed. Let the audience or the customers know what they stand to gain when they purchase your product.

2- Avoid big grammars
The biggest blow to your copy is the temptation to impress your audience with an excessive show of vocabulary. People are facing real-life challenges every day and they do not want you to add to them. Using big words kill your copy immediately, avoid using them. Instead, use the basic English anyone can relate with.

3- Build your credibility: This involves you getting reviews from the already converted customers or clients. The process involves doing research, getting reviews and testimonials that can put you at the edge into getting the money out of the customers pocket.

Most businesses and marketers think the only thing involve in business is selling, but the best part of it comes from reviews and testimonials. I am sure you were tempted to watch the popular film “Black Panther” when it came out because you have heard from your friends or at least read the reviews online.

That is what review and testimonials can do for you.

4- List All Objections: What are the possible issues the customers, buyers or readers might raise? Write them down and make them into Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)A good example of an objection is this :
How do I know if this works?

What if it doesn’t work?

Answer: Our products come with a 30-day guarantee, if you try it and it doesn’t work, you get your money back within 30-days. However, you can click on the link below to see what over a thousand customers are saying about our product. 
By doing that you have killed any objections that will hinder your prospective callers from patronizing you.

Also check this article out by clicking here

5- Make a call-to-action: This is the last window for you to win the minds of your prospective buyers and I am sure you want to take advantage of that. Request a call to action from them, but not just a call-to-action. Add with it a benefit they get.

For example: click on this link and get a one-week free trial. That is an example of a winning Call-To-Action.
Once you master all the steps listed in this articles, customers will beg you to take their money.

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