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Lockdown Ease: Dilemma Of Sustaining The Economy Or Public Health Safety

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The lockdown easing comes after months of inactivity caused by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Many people are excited to go back to work in order to eke a living.

The decision to ease the lockdown was made because the economy cannot continue to suffer while people stay indoors. Suffice to say, governments around the world were in a dilemma as to what to do in a precarious situation like this.

Some nations that are buoyant financially and have standard health care facilities have chosen to keep their citizens indoors, paying them stimulus package while they control the scourge of the coronavirus.

On the other hand, nations that lack standard health facilities and a weak economy have woken up to the reality that they cannot continue to model the style used by developed nations to curb the pandemic.

Economy vs public health safety

Keeping the economy alive is important as well as maintaining public health safety. As the lockdown relapses, decision-makers around the world are confronted with yet another menace. Surely, there will be an exponential increase in the cases of coronavirus as many would loosen their guard and pay less or little attention to safety measures of contracting the virus.

public transportation

Public transport system

The public transport system if not handled carefully will become a hindrance towards curbing the spread of the virus. In a nation like Nigeria, especially in a state like Lagos, where the transportation system is in a mess. It will be pretty difficult to control how people board the buses and communicate. If you are familiar with Lagos and the rush to get a bus from one location to another, you will know that controlling the spread is almost impossible among Lagosians.

Work-Place Relationship

work-place relationship

Now relationships in the workplace will definitely change, especially those companies that cannot work remotely and have to go through presentations will have to adjust to safety measures.

Another germane issue is how the workers in this category will commute to work, will they also be using the public transport system? What will happen if any of their staff get infected with the virus? Will the company shut down or still continue functioning?

overcrowded health facilities
Overcrowded facilities

The government needs to pay attention to the issue of overcrowding. Since many people are returning to their places of work, there will be a surge in coronavirus cases, and they need to be prepared for a possible explosion that they might not be able to handle.

It is a truism that it is now all man for himself as the government cannot curb the spread alone except with the cooperation of the citizens through adhering to safety measures. And if you decide not to flout the guidelines, it will be yours to handle.

While efforts are ongoing to develop a vaccine to the ravaging coronavirus, you must join hands with the government and health authorities, ensure you only go out if need be, and maintain social distancing.

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