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Nigeria: Why The Rush To Reopen Religious Houses?

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After the government of Nigeria eased the lockdown imposed in some parts of the country, there has been a call for the opening of religious houses such as the churches and mosques by adherents and leaders of these two faiths. But is it not too early for the country to open up religious centres for the citizen considering the fact that Nigeria cannot afford a full-blown infections s

Religious but ungodly

Nigerians are undoubtedly religious and they will fight off anyone or a group of people that come against their beliefs. This exists in religions Christianity and Islam. But don’t you wonder the rush to get back to worship centre among these religious but ungodly people?

The Bible itself said that there is a time to hide and a time to show up. Their ego has made them suspend their reasoning. That account for their urge to resume gathering at their various religious houses.

abuse of order

During the lockdown, many church leaders flouted the directive not to congregate including Islamic leaders. Where was that written in the Bible or the Quran especially when such actions of the government was for the protection of the people?

unthinking leaders

Leadership is still a mirage in Nigeria, the ones masquerading as leaders are just opportunities who were fortunate enough to get to the seat of power. Hence the rush by state governments to re-open religious houses which portend danger to the fight of the deadly coronavirus that has brought our economy to its knees.

Just this morning, I read in the news that the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has rescinded his decision to open up religious houses to the citizens of the state. That means Ortom initially took decisions based on sentiment and not on reasoning.

The unthinking mob

The mob which in this article I would like to refer to as the followers of these two faiths are lagging behind in their thoughts. The Government on its part has tried to educate and sensitize on the danger of coronavirus and how to stem the tide.

But yet, so many followers are bent on supporting their religious leaders who have disregarded the directives of the government.

The Nigerian government authorities should realise that it is too soon to reopen the church because doing so at this time will exposure the citizens to the deadly virus and make them prey for religious leaders who might take advantage of that to claim that they have the cure for the virus.

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