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Online Giveaways: What’s The Logic Behind Behind This Act?

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Online giveaways were rampant during the lockdown especially in a country like Nigeria where most of the citizen barely have food to eat and has been declared the poverty capital of the world.

Now there are questions surrounding the motives of those engaged in this act. While some are of the opinion that those who do this are out to promote their brand and feed their ego, others say they are doing their best to ease the sufferings of Nigerians, most of whom have little or nothing to feed on.

Giveaways can be viewed from different perspectives, there is the common one in Nigeria which is the one done by Nigerian celebrities. And we also witnessed the one done by well-meaning Nigerians, successful industrialists and big companies.


The popular platforms that are being used for the giveaways are twitter, Instagram et.al. These platforms are built in the way that when these celebrities make a post asking to drop their account details, a certain hashtag is generated.

The more the hashtags are mentioned, the more exposed the celebrity’s profile doing the giveaways get exposed to as many as possible. I will not fail to mention that the following of these celebrities followers increases exponentially during the giveaways.

Celebrities scandals amid giveaways

Many celebrities are against giveaways and some of them have been accused of using their status to extort people who give them the cash to do this giveaway. The question I want you to ponder on will be, should a celebrity charge money when someone gives him or her cash to share with people?

Another question begging for answer is; since these celebs are influential and of course, there are many discussions centered around influential marketing.

Is it not fair for these celebrities to attach a fee to any giveaways that are to be done on their platform even though the money is not from their pocket? Do you remember the controversies that trailed the actions of Eniola Badmus?

Celebrities opinion on giveaways

Hey, some of your popular celebrities are of the opinion that these online giveaways are needless and should not be encouraged. Others are of the opinion that they owe no one any cent and thus, directs their fans to their elected government officials who have made a mockery of governance.

Patoraking is one of those who think online giveaways should be stopped immediately. He said ‘’we should be helping people offline’’ during this pandemic.

He further stated in a tweet that Nigerian celebrities should contribute money to help those offline as they are the most disadvantaged people in society.

Not everyone will agree with his own version of helping people, but wherever your stand is, remember the NGO’s assist vulnerable people in society and takes pictures of them. What will you say about that? Are they not being selfish?

These NGO’s may put in an alibi that they need the pictures to access funds and for memories’ sake. Same with the celebrities that are giving out money to people. They are expanding their reach, getting the accolades and at the same time touching the lives of people.

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