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Ric Hassani’s The Prince I Became Album Review

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Ric Hassani

I have been a fan of Ric Hassani since his entry into the Nigerian music industry with his debut album in 2016.

Who will not fall in love with this African Gentle Man that is now a crowned prince?

Ric Hassani released his second studio album “The Prince I Became” on February 26, 2021.

The album is laced with 17-track beautiful tunes that send the listener on the journey of no return into the world filled with love, happiness and anger.

The first track of the album “Everything” tells the story of a man in search of love that suddenly realises she is everything he has been looking for.

On this particular track, Ric Hassani makes the girl feels loved.

The guys will love it because they can pick one or two lines in the song.

The African Gentleman once again beautifies the track with the dexterity and the vocal progress of his female backup singers.

The second track on the album “Body Conversation” will pass as one of the best efforts Ric Hassani has ever put in a song.

Imagine yourself having a body conversation with the woman you love and there is no rushing it?

How would you feel? The sonorous voice of Ric Hassani once again light up this song.

You’re My Baby is the third track on the album.

The intro reminds me of how R-Kelly ruled the RnB world for years with albums that conquered many hearts that refuse to budge to love.

Ric delivered You’re My Baby debut in a soft manner accompanied by the melodious guitar sound.

If you have listened to R-Kelly’s “When A Woman Loves” this track will resonate with you.

Perfectly delivered for the African woman unsure of the intentions of the man trying to woo her.

Ric goes funny on the lyrics by telling the lady “I will be your bank and ATM.”

“My Kind Of Woman” features the Kenyan duo of Sauti Sol that tells the story of a kind of woman that makes Ric falls in love.

Delivered in a slow-tempo way, the producer did justice to this song by interpreting the minds of Ric Hassani and Sauti Sol.

Even though the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission has banned “Thunder Fire You” which is the 5th track on the album.

The song tells the story of a heartbroken Ric Hassani that is not willing to forgive what his estranged lover has done to him.

He cursed the girl alongside her friends lamenting how they have been gossipping about him.

The self-righteous Ric-Hassani declared that the love he gave the girl was too good for her.

Ric Hassani came hard on the friends of his estranged lover, some of the lines in the song such as ‘’E no go better for you” so “thunder fore you and your.”

The seductive voice of his female backup singers gave life to the anger Ric Hassani expressed in this song.

Angel is the 6th track on the album and it features Nicky Jam who jumped on the not-so-fast beat by delivering his lines in his native language.

After Ric Hassani angst in Thunder Fire You, it seems the lover boy has found love again.

He opens up on how long he has waited for the girl and how sleep has eluded him.

Ric adorned himself a prophet here claiming he was created for this newfound love of his.

The song expresses Ric Hassani undying love that is holding him hostage. At the end of this song, you can conclude that Ric has finally found love again after going on a rampage on “thunder fire you.”

“My Only Baby” is the 7th track on the album that shows how powerless men can be when they are in love.

Ric Hasani brags about beating up any man that comes for this new love of his. He claims he would fight any man that comes for his girlfriend with Kung Fu.

Even if it means joining the military, Ric Hassani won’t stop at anything to protect this new girl that is turning his head.

“A Little Bird Told Me” interlude calms the listener down from all the tensions and contest in the album.

The interlude takes the listener on the journey of meditation which was done by Fumbani Changagya with a touch of African melody and vocal dexterity.

Ric Hassani resumes his duty as the lover boy who has finally found his missing rib.

The song presents lots of promises by Ric Hassani with a touch of the interlude in track 9. You can dance along with All My Love.

Kunami Eugene teamed up with Ric Hassani on ‘’Do Lai Dat’’ which questions the girl’s sincerity with the line ‘’Shey na because I love you, wey many men dey rush.”

Kinami Eugene killed this song with his sweet voice that ladies cannot resist.

This song appears to be one of the hit singles on this album.

‘’Rising Sun’’ rhythm and lyrics salute the conscience of the listener especially the female gender.

It makes you feel that true love still exists. When a man promises not to leave you in the dark nor let you drown in the rain.

What more can you ask for?

Ric did not stop there, he promises to be the shining light of his lover in the night and also beam the sun on her in the morning.

After listening to this song, I realized how hopeless a man can be when he falls in love.

He promises heaven and earth to the woman that is the rave of the moment.

The production skills behind this song gave a lift to Ric Hassani’s control of sounds.

The backup singers should be given an award for rising on the same boat with Ric on this song.

Mine Forever Ft Zoro takes you away from the sojourn Ric Hassani embarked on from track 1- 11 and brings you back to the Nigerian melody.

Filled with the touch of Igbo language, Zoro reminds you that Ric is still a Nigerian in case you lost yourself in the previous tracks.

The reggae blend of Ric Hassani was found in the 14th track Rain expressing gratitude for the gift of life.

He ends the song with a short prayer for the listener.

Victory Belongs To Jesus is the 15th track on the album.

Ric Hassani sought the support of Calledout and Nigeria’s gospel finest, Frank Edwards.

After going back and forth, Ric Hassani returns to the church proclaiming the Power of Jesus and exalting his name above all other names.

You will have to check again to be sure it was Ric Hassani that has taken you deep into love. How come he suddenly remembers Jesus now?

One thing is sure, Ric Hassani believes that Victory belongs to Jesus and whenever he calls he answers him.

Getting Frank Edward and Calledout on this track takes the listener deeper into the spiritual side of Ric Hassani.

No matter how you feel, you are nothing but a mortal man.

Samuel’s Prayer which is the second interlude assures Ric Hassani of support and success.

Imagine having a friend who picks up his phone in the morning and starts taking showers of blessings on you?

How would you feel?

To top it all, he shows his support to you by declaring that he has always believed in your talent

The prayers expressed by Samuel solidify the importance of true friendship.

The last track on the album starts with an Indian tune. Ric Hassani ends this album with a prayer for himself asking his creator to help in this journey of life.

He reminds his listener that all was not rosy at the beginning.

In this track, he told the story of how he had to quit his job which infuriated his mother.

However, he encouraged his listener to keep believing in themselves and if it happens for him, it can happen for them too.

This track mostly delivers in the Yoruba language ends with a barrage of prayers from his family members.

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