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Secrets To Writing Clear Sales Copy Series 4

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There are secrets to writing a clear sales copy and these secrets are hidden especially to newbie copywriters who are struggling to make a headway in their copywriting journey. But you don’t have to face that anymore because that has been simplified in this article.


Creating a sales copy requires you putting in the hard work but at the same time you can use your intelligence to create a similar Ad you see. The idea is whenever you see an Ad, take a break and think of how you can make that Ad better by changing the copy attached to it.

Let’s say you read a copy on how to publish a book that goes like this;

“Do you want to publish your own book? Look no further, we are here to make your dreams come true.”

Now the above copy won’t convince me as the end-user. Why? Because the copy tends to focus on the advertiser alone with only a line that attracts me as the end-user. Now see what Mental Ad-Rewriting can do for you here below:

“Have you been longing to publish your own books for years without making headway? Get published and sell like a pro even if you are not a writer.”

Did you see that? That is the power of Ad-Rewriting.

In that new copy, you have not only focused on your audience/customers or end-user but you have also given him the option to make cool cash by selling like a pro, even if he is not a writer. By seeing that, that user will be forced to peruse your copy and click on the C.A.T (Call-To-Action button.)

So the secret is to start rewriting copies you see in adverts. Think of the lapses of the copywriters who crafted those copies and provide probable solutions. With consistency, in no time your copy will bring in cash and establish you as an authority in the field.

Keep A Swipe File Swipefile.io

A swipe file is a folder where you keep Ads you like or that catches your attention. It is a folder where you keep Advertisement copies that using your church mind objectively, you know the copywriters that produce those copies did a great job.

Why you need to keep a swipe

The main reason you need to keep a swipe file is that it serves as a blueprint for you when creating a similar copy. It can also stand as the guideline for you while ensuring you stay within the limits.

Now the best thing about swipe file is that it can be digital or physical. It doesn’t really matter. If you see an Ad in a newspaper or magazine that handcuffed your mind, then I will advise you to keep them. Those little steps will count for you as you continue in this copywriting business.

You can keep swipe files on your system as well as your phones. A question that might be burning in your mind would be, what am I supposed to store in my Swipe File? It really depends on you, there is no consensus on what you can store there. We all see things from a different angle.

But my personal recommendation of which I also do is to store the following:

*Those words that make you click on an ad

*The superior storytelling prowess of the copywriter

*The customization of the signup button

*What makes you laugh

* Those words or expressions that make you open your mouth like 😮.

Make your copy short

It is expedient that you make your copy short especially if your target audience are Nigerians. Majority of the citizens of Nigerians are impatient people, no one want to read an Ad that is more than a page or at least two pages.

The greatest mistake I see a lot of copywriters make is to write a very long copy that is competing with River Niger to claim the Guinness Book Of World Record. The bitter truth is your audience will just flip to the next page.

No one has time for that, keep your copies short and concise or you just go home and read them to your family. Ensure you trim your copies many times and put yourself in the shoes of the audience.

Mimick popular copies

One of the biggest copywriter in Nigeria as of today are Otunba Akin Alabi, WaleSalescraft and Richard Nzimora. There are others, but these are some of the ones I follow closely. I have been an addicted fan of these guys and they have helped me in this journey of copywriting.

I am sharing with you personally what I have learned by paying thousands of naira in my own personal education on copywriting. So I urge you to take note and above all implement these ideas.

Let’s say you like the way Richard Nzimora write copies, just take a pen and your book📖, start writing down their copies, it is better to use a pen and a paper but you can also type if you want. Here, you write down exactly everything he says in the copy, paying close attention to these ;


*how he makes use of spaces

*how he uses full stops

*when he enters another paragraph

*when he uses bullet points
*How he talks

All these little details will help you to create a better copy using your own original contents. It is the same basic rule in life, you are what you become. If you want to be rich, do not follow poor people, if not you will be the next in line. 

One of the secrets I discovered was that they use short sentences to pass their message and they were easy to understand.

So the best advice I can give you right now is to try this out at least a couple of times. And see how it change your perspective into producing a better copy.

Read your copy aloud to yourself

Why the hell are you writing a copy if you are not putting yourself in the position of the user before pushing it out? This is a very important step that you must not miss. Let’s switch to music now using Wizkid as an example.

Wizkid will not just burst into the studio to record music, he would have written the song in verses, choruses, and so on. He would have done rehearsals with his teams. Followed by the studio sessions where the producer calls the shots.

Here, even Wizkid bows to the producer because he is the one to determine how good the music will be after the production. What sells the song after the production is the combination of Wizkid talents, producers efforts and the promotion of the song.


If Wizkid put in that much effort, so who are you not to do so?

Why don’t you want to “Gbebodie?”

That is why you need to read the copy aloud to yourself. I am from the South-Western part of Nigeria and our elders have the saying that if someone promises to make you an attire, first take a close look at what he or she is putting on. It is then you can believe him.

Another way to look at it is, just imagine yourself addressing a world-class seminar with top functionaries in attendance, and throughout the session, you were not communicating with the audience, no eye-contact, your face was down all through. That is a bad impression for you and what is left of your career after that can be seen from the third eye.

The point is to read out your copy out aloud such that you will know if it is a conversation or just a minute. Record them and replay them. If it is boring, edit it and if it is not, you are good to go.

Have a goal in mind

What is your purpose of writing this copy? What do you want to achieve with it? What do you want the user to do when they come in contact with your copy? A proper evaluation of your goals will bring about a great copy.

Now the most important term in marketing that you should know as a copywriter is conversion. That is when you can actually tell yourself that you are truly a good copywriter.

The word is “Conversion”
When you get conversions through your copies, that is when we can say that you are a good copywriter. Digital marketing is a must for you if you intend to push a career in copywriting.

When people see your Ads, they like it, then click on your C.A.T(call-to-action, ) they are immediately redirected to your landing page which can be a Google Form or a page created with software, etc.

But let’s focus on a website. Let’s say they click on your website which contains your products but immediately left your page or did not even finish filling the form. That is not a conversion.

But the best thing is that you can use ads to get such people back to your page again. More of the reason while I said you must learn digital marketing if you truly desire success in copywriting.
We call that in digital marketing Re-targeting.

But what truly is conversion?

Let’s look at it this way, imaging you are on Jumia website to make an order for a nice looking shoe. You are required to check out, which directs you to their landing page to fill your information and delivery date/pickup point. Once you fill your details and pay online or you pay when the delivery is done. That is what conversion is.

It is only through persuasive copies this can be achieved
There are more to conversion, but that is the basic you need for now to begin as a copywriter. The information you obtained from those that filled the form on your sites can be used for Email marketing.

Do you enjoy reading and learning about copywriting and how to create a sales copy that converts? This is not all, we continue tomorrow. Please I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment, like and share with your friends and family.

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