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SEO Articles: 10 Steps On How To Create High Ranking Articles

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What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization. How can you as a writer write SEO friendly articles that will rank your website higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on?

It is not only necessary but important that articles are created in a friendly manner using SEO best practices to expose them to a large audience around the world.

One question you might want to ask is, of what benefits do I stand to gain if I write SEO-friendly articles? The first and the most important reason is that it ranks your website higher which in turn directs heavy traffic to your website.

However, there are steps that need to be taken to achieve this feat, if you are interested in increasing the traffic of your website, curate articles using SEO best practices, then this article is specially written for you. Check the steps below:

Choose a unique topic

Topics are of importance when creating SEO-friendly articles, your topic must be unique so as to catch the attention of your prospective readers and to increase your appearance in the SERP also known as Search Engine Results Page. Remember also that your topics must be short and easy to digest. Not only that, the topic should also seek to answer a question, solve a problem, or provide guidelines on how to do things.

e.g: 5 Ways to Create simple blog post articles in 30 minutes

Make research your friend

Making research is one of the duties of a writer, no one is born with knowledge, so you will need to read more on the subject matter you are writing on. Research goes along with writing and if you are serious about your craft, then you cannot afford to neglect the place of research in your writing journey.

Research helps you to understand different views of various writers, scholars on the subject you want to write on. Once the research is done carefully and professionally, then it will be easier to create the best articles backed up with the information derived from your sojourn.

Follow a standard structure

Structures are important to writers, you need work on a structure to fastrack your articles. Decide on what you want to write down first, is it the main body, sub-topics? Or are you going to start with some ideas that are running wild in your head?

Decide the pattern you want to follow and your journey of creating SEO-Friendly and high ranking articles will become a reality.    

Kickstart the writing process

Once you are done with planning the structure of the articles you want to write, start the writing process. This can be done in parts:


the first part should introduce the audience to the subject matter.  There is however a caveat to this, your introduction must be catchy enough to grab your reader’s attention. Remember the attention span of the reader is very short, do not miss this opportunity.

The Body

The body is the part where you shed more light on the subject of discourse. You will need to provide more details to convince your audience to keep reading your articles on the subject matter. Provide them with relevant information, facts, figures, images.

Add conclusions

Once you are done with the body, add your conclusion by doing a summary of what your article is all about in a few words. Take the reader on a fast journey while highlighting what you just discussed in your article.


Internal links are very important because they are one of the factors that determine if your articles are SEO-Friendly and can be pushed to a lot of readers who are in search of information. The links here are the pre-existing one on your website. You can add two links preferably on each article.

External links are as important just as the internal one, you need to link your articles to external sources that have similar content on the topic you are writing on.

Double-check and edit

After writing, you need to edit your articles and make sure they are error-free. This is a continuous process and should be revisited from time to time. Also, try to make your content readable by making the length of the sentences shorter.

Add ranking keywords

Keywords are very important to rank on search engines, add relevant keywords to your articles by researching them.  Carry out extensive keyword research on what you want your articles to be ranked for.

In conclusion, the journey to writing SEO-friendly articles is not as complicated as been touted out there only if you follow the process outlined above.

Remember to start with the topic you want to write on, then move over to research, create a structure. Lastly, work on the body by providing relevant information on the subject matter, do not forget to add links, edit, and check your keywords.


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