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Social Distancing: How to optimize your online workforce

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Social distancing is very critical at this precarious time in human history. But how can you optimize your online workspace and still maintain efficiency?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the future of works seems to be greeting closer by the stack reality that the world is faced with now.  There is now a shift towards remote work in order to curb the spread of the virus.

As much as working remotely sounds interesting, if some certain steps are not taken especially for those working as a team, the journey may not be a jolly ride for them.

There are applications that can fastrack the delivery of your job, applications include; Slack, Microsoft Office, Google Drive et.al. In this article, you will find how to maintain communication while maintaining social distancing and deliver value in the workplace.

Social distancing has become the new nom now that more nations are easing the lockdowns to keep their economies back to life. Social distancing among other safety measures is being made compulsory in the society and the workplace cannot be an exception to this rule.



This is an instant messaging and collaboration system that helps you to separate messages, discussions, and notifications by purpose, department, or topic. Now, these can be by channels which can also be private.

This is similar to zoom where you can invite people to a meeting and require them to put in their passwords. This platform also helps you send messages to just one person instead of the whole team members.

Remember that working remotely involves also file sharing, slack provides that as well, you can even go beyond the platform to get files and share it using slack.

The search feature in slack rapidly helps you to find information quickly regardless of whether it’s inside the document you shared earlier.

Let’s talk about notifications, this can be overwhelming considering the influx of messages that might not be relevant at that particular point in time. The platform gives you the power to customize your notifications according to channels, keywords so you can focus more on the most important class.

Slack can be downloaded on different devices as it offers its users according to their specifications. It can be downloaded on mobile devices, iPad, windows, etc.

If you want your team to work in unison and communicate effectively, then slack is the go-to platform to use especially at this uncertain time.

Video conferencing via zoom

Zoom is a verifiable platform that gives room for employer-employee relationships. Employers can decide to have a roll call where their workers are mandated to answer their names, while other work-related issues can be discussed.

The platform also allows for strict privacy, which means that no external individual is permitted to except they have the link and the entry password. 

If there are departmental duties the team leader needs to communicate with his members, he can decide to have a video conference in the zoom, showing their faces and giving their informed opinions on the issues raised by their leader.

Similarly, there can be punishment for some erring employees who join late to the zoom meeting, this can be done by keeping them in the waiting room for as long as you choose to.

Zoom also gives you the scheduling feature, this means you can plan a meeting ahead and share the link to your team members ahead of the meeting.

Handling pressure as an employee

Now that you are working remotely, there might be an increase in workload or tasks given to you by your employer. But how do you cope if you are given additional tasks?

Accept the task and give it all your best, the company you are working for is already going through a lot and you do not want to add yours to them.

Remember the only reward for hardwork is hardwork, that’s just it. Set a timer and discuss the mode of carrying out the tasks with your superiors.

However, you also need to inform your employers on possible challenges you are facing, if you need more data to work or you are having network issues, it is only ideal that you let them know so they can help in every possible way they could.

Google sheets

Employers and team leaders can choose to delegate tasks to their workers using excel sheets. The names of the employees are compiled and tailored to different tasks. The team leaders can also monitor the progress of the work done because they are saved online.

Corrections can also be made by the team leaders on the work done so far. Did you enjoy this article or you have a different view? Please leave your comment below. I would love to hear from you, like share with your loved ones.

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