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How To Use The Media To Promote Your Brand

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The media is a platform you should never ignore if you intend targeting the right audience and growing your brand. The media, particularly, the new media, also known as social media has changed the way the brand communicates their ideas to their customers.

But the sad thing is that not many of these brands know how to use the media to their own advantage, some of them are still stuck with the old method of using the media to promote the ideals, values and get leads to their business.

If you have a brand that tilts to that position, then this article is for you.

Growing a brand requires process and this is not thought in the four walls of the university. Let me digress a little, take a look back on the coup that has happened in some countries, including Nigeria. Now how did you know that the coup happened?

The leaders of those coups go after the media first even before seizing the highest office of the land, that is because they know the significance of what the media can do to the success and otherwise of their adventure.

They know the media dictates how you think and they waste no time in passing their message to you. A good example is the first coup that happened in Nigeria, led by Major Kaduna Nzeogwu.

 I will not want to take you through all that but will focus on how Kaduna and his accomplices used the media to communicate their ideas to the Nigerian people after they stuck.

After the partial success of the coup in the North, Kaduna went straight to the media, informing them of the new development in the structure of leadership and positions of the land.
However, it will be of great pleasure for you to know that Major Aguiyi Ironsi, took over as the Military President after the coup. The coup had failed in the south, but it was successful in the north, where Kaduna resided at that time.

Even though it was glaring that Kaduna and his friends had made some blunders, he did not resign to faith but used the media to communicate his message. There was a point that e even threatened to march down to Lagos if the Lagos command does not hand over the reins of power.

‘’Legacy is greater than currecncy

Gary Vernachuk

Another instance is the Dimka coup in Nigeria where General Murtala Muhammed was killed, after the coup, Dimka and his cohorts marched down to Ikoyi radio station to announce the coup, and inform Nigerians, of the new development even though it has become a norm.

Look at it from a close perspective, why do you think immediately after the announcement of a coup in a country, strict warnings are given to media houses not to publish articles that are detrimental to the government in power?

Why do you think journalists are locked up in the aftermath of a coup? The reason is clear, they have the power to shape and control what the citizens think.

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Now let’s look at your brand and how you can use the media to get your desired results. If you own a brand, then you are a publisher. The advancement of technology, particularly social media has made it easier for everyone to put out their content to the world.

 However, there are basic steps that you must follow if you intend to grow your brand and connect with your audience.

Put this in mind that you are the PR-Agent of your brand and no one will take that responsibility from you, they can only complement the measures that you have on the ground. Also remember that you cannot do everything by yourself, always learn to delegate those responsibilities.

Below are the must-have, if want to take advantage of what the media has to offer:

– Get a writer: A writer helps you to communicate your brand ideologies, goals and visions to your audience or customers. If you recall, I stressed that you cannot do everything by yourself, if you are not good in writing, even if you are good, leave this aspect for someone whose major field and calling is writing.    

– A videographer: Videos are fast becoming the new content people are consuming, the internet has made some people be lazy ton read contents, they want visuals, they want to match the faces with the contents they read. This is where the services of a videographer come in, he captures your ideas, produces, edits them for final usage.  

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– A graphic designer: Increasing the reach of your brand will also work on your images, it will be best if this person is also good at photography, it will make your work a lot easier.

– An Audio engineer: If you plan to start podcasting, you will need the services of an audio engineer, that is, someone that can script your video into audio and make them available for podcast purposes.

The implication of the above is the need for a team of people, which brings a sense of responsibility that can spur you into greatness.

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